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YEAR 2015

SECTION New Frontier Exhibitions


Emmy Award-winning interactive storyteller Vincent Morisset launches his newest creation, a film-meets-game that invites the participant to experience the invigorating power of exploration. Way To Go is a magical walk through the woods, made up of handmade animation and 360-degree live-action video, that brings us to question: If we move faster, do we miss out on certain things? How do we feel when we are lost? What do we gain from looking at our world from a macro to a micro perspective? Is it the destination that matters?

Check out the WAY TO GO Launch Event— Monday January 26th 6-8pm.

COMPANY National Film Board of Canada

EMAIL e.labbe@nfb.ca


Creative Technologist
Executive Producer
Art Director

Artist Bios

Vincent Morisset is a director and the founder of Montreal AATOAA studio. During the past decade, he pioneered interactive music videos for Arcade Fire ("Neon Bible," "Sprawl II," "Just a Reflektor"). He has directed two feature films, Miroir noir and the documentary Inni on Sigur Rós. Vincent is also the instigator of the Digital Storytelling Manifesto.