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The Yellow Birds


U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Best Cinematography, Daniel Landin

Twenty-one-year-old Bartle (Alden Ehrenreich, soon to play the young Han Solo) and 18-year-old Murph (Tye Sheridan) become fast friends in army training before shipping off to fight insurgents in Iraq. Taken under the wing of a hot-headed sergeant (Jack Huston), they wander into the fog of war, but Murph never comes back. Bartle returns home with the secrets of Murph’s disappearance held close to his aching chest, while a shrewd military investigator (Jason Patric) and Murph’s anguished mom (Jennifer Aniston) demand answers.

Adapted by David Lowery and R.F.I. Porto, from the acclaimed 2012 novel by Iraq War veteran Kevin Powers, The Yellow Birds unfolds like a mystery, conveying its story in stark flashbacks and haunting fragments from the frontlines. Director Alexandre Moors follows up his striking debut feature, Blue Caprice (2013 Sundance Film Festival), with an enigmatic but unflinching drama about the costs of war—to both those who fight and those they leave behind. At the film’s center, Ehrenreich gives a startling performance layered with toughness and vulnerability, revealing an inner battle between competing codes of silence and friendship.

YEAR 2016

SECTION U.S. Dramatic


RUN TIME 115 min

COMPANY Cinelou Films

WEBSITE http://cinelou.com

EMAIL Franchesca@cinelou.com


Director Of Photography
Co Producer
Executive Producers
Production Designer
Original Music
Costume Designer
Line Producer
Music Supervisor

Artist Bio

Alexandre Moors

Alexandre Moors is a French filmmaker born in Suresnes in 1972. He was an active member of the Parisian graffiti scene as a teenager before attending ESAG Penninghen and then the École des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD). Moors left Paris in 1998 for New York City, where he has worked as a graphic designer, director, and artistic director. He is best known for his short films and his previous feature, Blue Caprice (2013 Sundance Film Festival).