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YEAR 2014

SECTION U.S. Dramatic Competition


RUN TIME 80 min

Alex, Emily, and their son, RJ, have recently moved to Los Angeles's Eastside from Seattle. Feeling lost in a new city, they are desperate to find their first new friends. After a chance meeting with Kurt at the neighborhood park, they gladly agree to join family pizza night at his home. But as it gets later and the kids go to bed, the family “playdate” becomes increasingly more revealing as the couples begin to open up.

Writer/director Patrick Brice's second feature is a painfully funny take on thirtysomething sexual frustration and parenthood. Featuring memorable lead performances by Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman, and Judith Godrèche, each actor nimbly balances the script's sudden emotional turns from surprising honesty to complete embarrassment. —C.R.

COMPANY Gettin' Rad Productions

EMAIL theovernightthemovie@gmail.com


Executive Producer
Production Designer

Artist Bio

Patrick Brice holds a BFA in film from the California Institute of the Arts. His thesis film, Maurice, premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Documentary at the Florida Film Festival. Creep, his first feature film as director/writer/actor (co-starring Mark Duplass), was produced with Blumhouse Productions. After its world premiere at SXSW, Creep was picked up for distribution by RADiUS-TWC.