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The Future of Indie TV


Wednesday, January 24, 2:00–3:30 p.m.
Filmmaker Lodge, 550 Main St., second floor

As the world of serialized content widens from traditional broadcast and cable television to streaming platforms, the way we consume content is changing rapidly. Where do independent voices fit into this increasingly competitive industry? There is more demand than ever for different forms of episodic content, but how do artists and investors find their audience and make a return on their investment? Join Stephanie Allain (Leimert Park), Steven Soderbergh (MOSAIC), Bernie Su (chief creative officer, Canvas Media Studios), David Wain (A Futile and Stupid Gesture), and moderator Michelle Satter (Sundance Institute founding director, Feature Film Program) in conversation about the current state of independent television and what the opportunities are for the future. Check sundance.org for up-to-date information.

Wed. 1/24, 2:00 p.m., Lodge, PC

SECTION Other Panels

RUN TIME 90 min