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Station to Station


YEAR 2014

SECTION New Frontier Films


RUN TIME 71 min

Sending a burning arrow into the stunting effects that the compartmentalization of culture has on how creativity manifests, visual artist Doug Aitken embarked on an experiment exploring a less materialistic and more nomadic direction of art creation, exhibition, and participation. Station to Station involved a train that crossed North America housing a constantly changing creative community including artists, musicians, and curators, who collaborated in the creation of recordings, artworks, films, and 10 unique happenings, across the country.

A high-speed road trip through modern ideas, the formally innovative film Station to Station is composed of 61 individual one-minute films that feature profiles shot before, during, and after the trip, and capture indelible moments of the journey such as Beck performing with a gospel choir in the Mojave desert. Station to Station is a kaleidoscope of experience and artistic production, as much as it is a story of our evolving creative culture.


EMAIL dk@submarine.com

COMPANY Submarine


Executive Producer
Sound Design
Associate Producer

Artist Bio

Doug Aitken is an American artist and filmmaker. Defying definitions of genre, he explores every medium, from film and installations to architectural interventions. Aitken’s work leads us into a world where time, space, and memory are fluid concepts. His films often explore the modern condition, and his transformative installations create immersive cinematic experiences. He has collaborated with numerous artists and musicians, and his work has been exhibited in museums around the world.