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Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins


With razor-sharp wit, outspoken journalist and firecracker Molly Ivins took on the good-ole-boy corruption in the political establishment. This six-foot, red-haired Texan found joy in reporting as one of the lone liberals in her deep-red state. She feared that the partisan plague would be the death of American democracy. Ivins became the first woman to co-edit the Texas Observer, and among her claims to fame were her searing, comical books on George W. Bush’s temperament and political record—having grown up in the same town with him, she became an accidental expert. Her blistering way with words was feared by the political elite, but her refreshing critique and big heart garnered a die-hard following from around the country.

Though Ivins died from cancer in 2007, filmmaker Janice Engel crafts a highly entertaining watch that radiantly brings Ivins’s repartee and political wisdom back to life. Her messaging and brand of commentary strikes a particular chord in today’s hostile political climate. This film asks us to shake up the system like Molly Ivins would.

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY Documentary Premieres


RUN TIME 91 min


WEBSITE http://www.mollyivinsfilm.com

EMAIL Jamesegan@aol.com

PHONE (310) 780-8862


Co Producer
Consulting Editor
Directors Of Photography
Executive Producers

Artist Bio

Janice Engel

Janice Engel has made award-winning documentaries and television series including Jackson Browne: Going Home, Cable Ace, Ted Hawkins Amazing Grace, Rose D’Or, and the docuseries Addicted, which won the Prism Award. Her ongoing multimedia series What We Carry is dedicated to preserving Holocaust survivors’ stories. Janice teaches at the Academy of Art University and lives in Los Angeles with her wife and two dogs.