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Mechanical Souls


A sumptuous wedding is about to take place. Mrs. Song has found a good match for Zhen-Zhen, the heir of the rich Zang family. She spares no expense and hires wedding androids to help with the ceremony. But something has gone wrong, and it’s your job, as a new Mechlife employee, to figure it out! Mechanical Souls is an interactive, multiuser social experience, powered by VR, analytic engine, live actors, and your own sleuthing skills.

Located at New Frontier Central

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY VR Experience

COUNTRY France/Taiwan

RUN TIME 25 min

COMPANY Serendipity Films

WEBSITE https://sfilms.com.tw/

EMAIL adamcyoung@sfilms.com.tw

PHONE +886 988 263 123


Lead Artists
Key Collaborators
Co Producers
Director Of Photography

Artist Bio

Gaëlle Mourre

Gaëlle Mourre is a freelance filmmaker based in London. She is a classical 2-D filmmaker and a VR director. Bilingual in French and English, she works in both languages. Having lived in Asia, the U.S., and Europe, Mourre brings her cross-cultural experiences into the worlds that she creates in her films.

L. P. Lee

L. P. Lee is a Eurasian screenwriter and author based sometimes in London and other times deep in the Korean mountains. Dabbling in magical realism, sci-fi, and ghost stories, she loves to delve into those invisible structures that shape who we are and the hidden histories that elude us.