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Tour-de-force: a term so overused that we need an undeniable acting performance to renew its meaning for cinema. Cate Blanchett has just given us one, going all-out in Manifesto. Already respected as one of the best actresses in film, Blanchett raises the bar even higher by playing 13 different roles in Manifesto, embodying some of the most influential and emotional artist manifestos in history.

The architect of this unique film idea is director Julian Rosefeldt, a veteran of intricate films and installations. In Manifesto, he uses the words from various twentieth century manifestos of artists, architects, and filmmakers for dialogue. With a gorgeous production and luscious cinematography that would make Baz Luhrmann proud, Rosefeldt puts Blanchett in the everyday world—as a housewife, a factory worker, or a TV anchor—declaring the words that have inspired whole art movements. Manifesto is entertaining while also asking us to question if these passionate statements still hold true and inspire us today.

YEAR 2016

SECTION Premieres


RUN TIME 94 min

WEBSITE http://julianrosefeldt.com

EMAIL rosefeldt@aol.com


Executive Producers
Director Of Photography
Production Designer
Costume Designer
Hair Stylist Designer
Post Production Supervisor

Artist Bio

Julian Rosefeldt

Julian Rosefeldt is a German film and video artist who lives and works in Berlin. Since 2001 he's been a professor of time-based media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Having shown extensively in museums and festivals worldwide, Rosefeldt's work is now a part of several renowned collections, such as Berlin's Neue Nationalgalerie, London's Saatchi Gallery, and New York's Museum of Modern Art.