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We are proud to present these three cinematic and affecting Cuban short documentaries, reflecting our longstanding commitment to international artists. Last year, Sundance Institute’s Feature Film, Documentary Film, and Film Music Programs initiated a multifaceted program in Havana to support artists working across several disciplines. These films were guided by Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Program in collaboration with La Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV) and The Guardian multimedia program.

House for Sale (Casa en Venta)
After more than 50 years, the ban on individuals in Cuba selling their houses was lifted in 2011. Three Cubans invite us into their homes—full of memories, souvenirs, and family members—to hear their "sales pitch."

Connection (Conectifai)
ETECSA—Cuba’s only telephone company—installed Wi-Fi routers in 18 public parks in 2016. For many Cubans, this meant being able to go online for the first time. This film shows us how Cubans of all ages initially explore social media, online dating, and more.

Great Muy Bien
The United States restored diplomatic relations with Cuba in 2015, making it no longer unrealistic for Cubans to dream of one day living and working abroad. Cubans of all ages and diverse aspirations enroll at the makeshift Big Ben English school in Havana.

SECTION Special Events

RUN TIME 47 min