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In the rough-and-tumble town of Seaside (nowhere near the sea), villagers flock to Punch and Judy’s marionette theatre. Though Punch (Damon Herriman) proclaims himself the greatest puppeteer and his beating stick rouses cheers from the crowd, it’s Judy (Mia Wasikowska) who breathes artistry into the otherwise crude show. But during a drinking bout and a tragic mishap with their child, the hot-tempered Punch brutally beats Judy, leaving her for dead in the woods. Taken in by Doctor Goodtime and a society of outcasts, Judy plots her revenge.

Mirrah Foulkes’s imaginative first feature conjures a town given over to fear, superstition, callousness, and mob rule, where a scourge of witchcraft is met with “stoning days.” An allegorical period tale for a modern time, Judy & Punc wryly blends dark humor, revenge-drama tropes, and tongue-in-cheek repurposing of stock elements from traditional Punch and Judy shows (a beating stick, a baby, a crocodile ... ) to fashion a sophisticated, satirical romp. You can beat the devil with your stick, but tomorrow the devil will be you.

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY World Cinema Dramatic Competition

COUNTRY Australia

RUN TIME 105 min

COMPANY Pariah Productions

EMAIL michelebennett2011@gmail.com

PHONE +61 411170017


Director Of Photography
Production Designer
Costume Designer
Hair/Makeup Designer
Line Producer
Casting Director
Executive Producers

Artist Bio

Mirrah Foulkes

Mirrah Foulkes is an award-winning Australian actor, writer, and director. Foulkes wrote and directed three award-winning short films, Dumpy Goes to the Big Smoke, Florence Has Left The Building, and Trespass. Their success led to her first feature film as writer/director, Judy & Punch, starring Mia Wasikowska and Damon Herriman. Foulkes's acting credits include Top of the Lake, Animal Kingdom, Sleeping Beauty, The Crown, and The Turning.