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In Football We Trust


YEAR 2014

SECTION Doc Premieres


RUN TIME 87 min

Despite a small population with a brief history in the U.S., Samoans and Tongans are 28 times more likely than any other minority group to play football for the famed NFL. Filmed over four years, filmmakers Tony Vainuku and Erika Cohn track the journeys of four talented Polynesian high school football players as they strive toward their lifelong, and potentially life-changing, goal of professional recruitment.

Charismatic, passionate, and determined, the players' love of family is matched only by their love of this most American sport that seems to flow through their veins. Their speedy transformation from adolescence to adulthood in the high-stakes world of collegiate football is filmed with incredible access, shining a light on the extreme pressures to succeed that emanate from within the tightly knit Polynesian community, as well as from the outside.

But gang violence, addiction, and poverty are a constant danger that can easily bring down a dream. Even with the best moms, siblings, and friends cheering from the grandstands, not everyone makes it to the big time. —H.C.

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Executive Producer

Artist Bio

Director Tony Vainuku comes from a culture of Third World traditions and a family of athletes. After graduating with a BS in business marketing from Westminster College, Vainuku founded a multimedia company called Soulprofile Productions, specializing in creative directing, Web ads, and music production. In addition to his directorial debut, In Football We Trust, Vainuku founded and launched the Soulpro brand in 2011: a lifestyle apparel brand built on the philosophy of Passion is Purpose.

Co-director Erika Cohn has received numerous accolades for her work, including a Director’s Guild of America award for her film When the Voices Fade, and recent admission into the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Producer’s Academy. She attended Chapman University, where she graduated with degrees in film production and Middle Eastern studies. In addition to In Football We Trust, Cohn currently has two films in production and is an avid documentary photographer.