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YEAR 2014

SECTION U.S. Dramatic Competition


RUN TIME 85 min

Laney is an attractive, intelligent suburban wife and devoted mother of two adorable children. She has the perfect husband who plays basketball with the kids in the driveway, a pristine house, and a shiny SUV for carting the children to their next activity. However, just beneath the façade lie depression and disillusionment that send her careening into a secret world of reckless compulsion. Only very real danger will force her to face the painful root of her destructiveness and its crumbling effect on those she loves.

At the core of I Smile Back's power is an indelible performance. Sarah Silverman reinvents herself as a dramatic actress in the career-defining, intensely layered, and heartbreaking role of Laney. Deftly directed by Adam Salky (Dare, 2009 Sundance Film Festival), I Smile Back is at times darkly humorous but also harrowing and unflinching as an authentic, humanizing portrait that offers no easy resolution for a damaged woman struggling to come to terms with herself. —K.Y.

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Executive Producer
Sound Design
Production Designer

Artist Bio

Adam Salky made his feature film directorial debut with Dare, an official selection at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Dare was distributed theatrically in North America by Image Entertainment. Salky served as an adviser at the Sundance Labs, has guest-lectured on directing at Columbia University, and is currently an adjunct professor at USC's Graduate School of Cinematic Arts. I Smile Back is his second feature film.