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YEAR 2014

SECTION Park City at Midnight


RUN TIME 82 min

It is Halloween night in the town of Waterford, the so-called Pumpkin Capital of the World. Alone at home, teenager Dora Vogel is about to have a very long night. Free to roam undetected among the small town's trick-or-treaters, a group of masked demonic beings knock on unsuspecting Dora's door. Before long, she is cut off from the outside world, under siege in her isolated home for reasons she does not understand. Alone in the dark, Dora will need to defend both her body and her soul from the relentless evil beings known as hellions.

Twenty-three years after screening Highway 61 at the Sundance Film Festival, director Bruce McDonald returns to the Park City at Midnight section with a bag full of devilish tricks guaranteed to leave our late-night crowd in screams. McDonald brilliantly pushes a highly cinematic visual and audio landscape of Halloween horror iconography into frightening new realms of terror. You’ve been warned! —C.R.

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COMPANY Whizbang Films


Production Designer
Line Producer

Artist Bio

Bruce McDonald is a Canadian director known for his love of rock 'n' roll, pop culture, and his irreverent style. After breaking out with his debut feature Roadkill (1989), which won the prize for Best Canadian feature at the Toronto International Film Festival, he’s directed documentaries, television series, and numerous other acclaimed feature films, including Highway 61, Dance Me Outside, Hard Core Logo, The Tracy Fragments, Pontypool, This Movie is Broken, and The Husband.