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YEAR 2014


COUNTRY U.S.A./Argentina

RUN TIME 93 min

In Troy, New York, two women, both named Helen, carry on seemingly complacent existences with their respective partners. Middle-aged Helen lives with husband Roy and finds comfort from a "reborn" baby doll. Meanwhile, successful young artist Helen is expecting a child with her noncommittal partner. Foreboding signs begin to appear: a meteor reportedly crashes nearby; people go missing; and inexplicable, life-altering changes spiral the Helens’ inert realities into a terrifying journey through unknown terrain.

Writing/directing partners Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia show remarkable ingenuity in crafting a disturbingly phenomenal world grounded in the fears of reality where subconscious tensions collide with the tempestuous forces of nature. Insanely creative, ambitious, and enigmatic, this spellbinding odyssey also makes an astoundingly perceptive and soulful observation about humans’ irresistible fixation on doom and beauty. —C.D.

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Artist Bio

Daniel Garcia and Rania Attieh are Guggenheim and United States Artists Fellows in film/video. Garcia is from South Texas, and Attieh is from Lebanon. Their 2011 feature-film debut, Ok, Enough, Goodbye, garnered rave reviews and won many awards. Their film Recommended by Enrique had its world premiere at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festiival. H. won production funding from the Venice Biennale College-Cinema and was screened at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.