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Nick has settled into a safe existence in a small pocket of Brooklyn, where he currently toils on an archival project for his father-in-law. Soon, 20-something Naomi arrives from Australia to assist Nick for the semester. She has no acquaintances in the city beyond a loose family connection to Buddy, a music producer who lives in the same neighborhood. For the few months she spends around Nick, Buddy, and their families, Naomi's presence upsets the unpleasant balance holding these two households together.

Writer/director Alex Ross Perry (2014’s Listen Up Philip) returns to the Festival with another acerbic ensemble, this time exploring the personal torment belying domesticated oblivion. His impressive cast embraces both the dramatic and darkly comedic faces of despair intertwining throughout the incisive script. As with his previous works, Golden Exits is impeccably designed by Perry's regular collaborators: cinematographer Sean Price Williams, editor Robert Greene, and composer Keegan DeWitt.

YEAR 2016

SECTION U.S. Dramatic


RUN TIME 94 min

COMPANY Washington Square Films

EMAIL kstern@wsfilms.com

PHONE (212) 253-0333


Executive Producers
Production Designers
Costume Designer
Co Producer
Makeup Department Head
Title Designer

Artist Bio

Alex Ross Perry

Alex Ross Perry was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in 1984. He attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and worked at Kim’s Video in Manhattan. He is the director of the films Impolex, The Color Wheel, Listen Up Philip, and Queen of Earth.