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Reeling from a terrifying assault, a 19-year-old boy enrolls in the same college as his brother and pledges his fraternity. Swept up in a world of shotgunning beer, all-night ragers, and hooking-up with nameless coeds, a protective shell forms to mask his insecurities. But as the hazing escalates in the name of “brotherhood,” his loyalty to his brother is tested in brutal ways.

Director Andrew Neel’s documentary background is evident as Goat resounds with searing authenticity—rarely has such raw and terrifyingly truthful masculinity been captured on screen. The result exposes the brutal and violent aspects of male culture that lurk beneath the surface of our seemingly controlled society. The entire cast valiantly commits to the challenging roles and, combined with Neel’s assured direction, shine new light on male identity and how it’s formed. Part neorealism, part horror film, Goat is a riveting cinematic experience that is as important as it is brutal.

YEAR 2015

SECTION U.S. Dramatic


RUN TIME 102 min

COMPANY Killer Films

EMAIL ls@killerfilms.com

PHONE (212) 473-3950


Executive Producer
Casting Director
Co Producer
Production Designer
Costume Designer

Artist Bio

Andrew Neel

Andrew Neel was born in Vermont and holds a BA in film studies from Columbia University. He founded the film collective SeeThink Productions in 2001 and directed the documentaries Darkon and Alice Neel, and the fiction film King Kelly. Goat is his second fictional feature.