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World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary

Waves crashing over a breakwater at the edge of the sea—this dramatic opening image conveys the vital spirit of a place that has withstood decades of external pressure. On the streets of Havana, residents of all ages share their views on living under such impositions by outsiders, as well as on the internal freedom they experience in spite of the repercussions of harsh sanctions. Descriptions of the waves of imperialism that have shaped this country’s history provide a deeper understanding of the impact of long-term oppression and the powerful desire to exist without outside forces weighing in.

Academy Award–nominated director Hubert Sauper (Darwin’s Nightmare) explores contemporary perspectives from citizens of the golden isle accompanied by images of another time—reflecting how Cuba still sits partially frozen in time, delicately suspended between the modern era and a time before technology seeped into all facets of life. A visual meld of geopolitical, cinematic, and personal connections, Epicentro enchants and suggests a new perspective on an old world.

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY World Cinema Documentary Competition

COUNTRY Austria/France/U.S.A.

RUN TIME 107 min

LANGUAGE English and Spanish

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY Independent Producer

EMAIL martin.marquet@me.com

PHONE (310) 927-5789


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Artist Bio

Hubert Sauper

Hubert Sauper is an Academy Award–nominated film director, director of photography, writer, producer, and actor living in France. He has been recognized for his work with more than 50 film awards, among them a European Film Award, a César Award, and awards at the Berlin International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and Vienna International Film Festival. Sauper is a visiting professor at several universities, including Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.