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Documentary Shorts Program


Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction Bacon & God’s Wrath
A 90-year-old Jewish woman reflects on her life experiences as she prepares to try bacon for the first time.

The Send-Off
Emboldened by a giant block party on the evening of their high school prom, a group of students enters the night with the hope of transcending their rural town and the industrial landscape that surrounds them.

Flower of a Thousand Colors
Flower of a Thousand Colors shows an intimate slice of the life of Emiliana, a loving mother who struggles every day with her rough environment
a Bolivian mining camp.

Another Kind of Girl
Filmed during a media workshop for Syrian girls in Jordan's Za'atari Refugee Camp, 17-year-old Khaldiya meditates on how the camp has opened up new horizons and given her a sense of courage that she lacked in Syria.

Jáaji Approx.
Against landscapes that the artist and his father traversed, audio of the father in the Ho-Chunk language is transcribed using the International Phonetic Alphabet, which tapers off, narrowing the distance between recorder and recordings, new and traditional, memory and song.

The FBI claimed it exposed a dangerous group of men in a massive entrapment operation over an alleged plot to attack a U.S. Army base in New Jersey. But were they really terrorists?

A Woman and Her Car
December 31, 2003: Lucie decides to write a letter to the man who abused her from the age of 8 to 12 years old and resolves to personally bring it to him, wherever he may be.

SECTION Shorts Program

RUN TIME 102 min