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Berlin Syndrome


Australian tourist Clare (Teresa Palmer) travels to Berlin to photograph East German architecture and meets Andi (Max Riemelt), a handsome but brooding schoolteacher. After a brief erotic fling, Clare tries to leave, but Andi isn’t ready to let go. She soon finds herself held prisoner in his locked apartment, cut off from the outside world. As her ordeal unfolds, Clare cycles between reasoning with her captor, surrendering to his obsessions, and plotting her escape.

Acclaimed Australian director Cate Shortland’s (Lore and Somersault) potent thriller unfolds with a slow-burn intensity as Clare’s growing dread becomes your own. Adapted by Shaun Grant (The Snowtown Murders) from Melanie Joosten’s 2011 novel, Berlin Syndrome is psychologically acute and uncommonly observant to the shifting power dynamics between captor and prisoner. Palmer’s empathetic and courageous performance keeps us rooting for Clare, while Riemelt brings terrifying depth to the disturbed Andi.

YEAR 2016

SECTION World Drama

COUNTRY Australia

RUN TIME 116 min

LANGUAGE English and German

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY Memento Films International

WEBSITE http://memento-films.com

PHONE +33 153349033


Executive Producers
Director Of Photography
Production Designer
Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Music Supervisor

Artist Bio

Cate Shortland

Cate’s films have screened at numerous international film festivals and won many awards. Somersault (writer/director) premiered in Un Certain Regard at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, and Lore (co-writer/director) premiered at the 2012 Sydney Film Festival. Cate’s television credits as director include The Secret Life of Us, and she has written episodes of The Slap, Deadline Gallipoli (for which she won a 2016 NSW Premiers Literary Award), and The Kettering Incident.