What Happened Was…

USA | 1994 | 91 min

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Actor Tom Noonan makes his directorial debut with What Happened Was..., a skewed vision of a first date, that most universal of experiences, in real time, creating a humorous but sometimes frightening high wire act from his would-be lovers’ awkward pauses, bungled exchanges and desperate attempts at self-examination. Employing a unique workshop development process, Noonan builds the realistic and richly nuanced performances which steadily drive the film to its inexorable conclusion. Winner of the 1994 Sundance Grand Jury Prize as well as the festival’s Waldo Saldo Screenwriting Award.

  • DIR Tom Noonan
    SCR Tom Noonan
    CAST Tom Noonan, Karen Sillas
  • Won, 1994 Sundance Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize Dramatic, Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award Tom Noonan
    Nominated, 1995 Independent Spirit Award – Best Female Lead Karen Sillas, Best First Screenplay Tom Noonan