USA | 2013 | 86 min

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Mother of two, Penelope (Shannon Plumb), struggles to traverse the daily obstacle course that is motherhood with little help from her husband, Matt (Derek Cianfrance). As his flourishing creative career consumes all of his time, Penelope struggles to balance her artistic aspirations with her motherly responsibilities, stopping at nothing in a quest to find her artistic voice.  Plumb's real-life husband and children play her family in this playful, honest, and at times, harsh look at modern-day motherhood and the difficulties families face everyday.

Towheads was supported by Film Independent is released through FIND’s collaboration with the Sundance Institute #ArtistServices Initiative.

  • DIR Shannon Plumb
    SCR Shannon Plumb
    CAST Shannon Plumb as Penelope, Derek Cianfrance as Matt, Cody Cianfrance as Cody, Walker Cianfrance as Walker

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