All She Can

USA | 2011 | 94 min

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In the small Texas town of Benavides, a patriotic and multi-generational Mexican-American community struggles in an economy literally collapsing around it. Fiery high school powerlifter Luz Garcia (Corina Calderon) wants something different than the few options available locally after graduation. She’s earned admission to the college of her dreams, but her family is too saddled with debt to afford it. Luz pins her hopes on a scholarship at the State Powerlifting Championship, but when fear gets in the way, she must find a different kind of strength to keep her dream alive.

  • DIR Amy Wendel
    SCR Amy Wendel and Daniel Meisel
    CAST Corina Calderon, Jeremy Ray Valdez, Joseph Julian Soria, Julia Vera, Julio César Cedillo, Julian Works, Leticia Magaña

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