U.S. Documentary Competition

Bisbee '17

Director Robert Greene
Screenwriter Robert Greene
Cast Fernando Serrano, Laurie McKenna, Ray Family, Mike Anderson, Graeme Family, Richard Hodges
U.S.A.  /  138 Min

Crime + Punishment

Director Stephen Maing
U.S.A.  /  112 Min

Dark Money

Director Kimberly Reed
Screenwriter Kimberly Reed
U.S.A.  /  99 Min


Director Amy Scott
U.S.A.  /  85 Min

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Director RaMell Ross
U.S.A.  /  76 Min

Inventing Tomorrow

Director Laura Nix
U.S.A.  /  100 Min


Director Derek Doneen
U.S.A.  /  92 Min

Kusama - Infinity

Director Heather Lenz
Screenwriter Heather Lenz
U.S.A.  /  85 Min

Minding the Gap

Director Bing Liu
U.S.A.  /  100 Min

On Her Shoulders

Director Alexandria Bombach
U.S.A.  /  94 Min

Seeing Allred

Director Sophie Sartain, Roberta Grossman
U.S.A.  /  96 Min

The Devil We Know

Director Stephanie Soechtig
U.S.A.  /  95 Min

The Last Race

Director Michael Dweck
U.S.A.  /  74 Min

The Price of Everything

Director Nathaniel Kahn
U.S.A.  /  105 Min

The Sentence

Director Rudy Valdez
U.S.A.  /  85 Min

Three Identical Strangers

Director Tim Wardle
U.S.A.  /  96 Min