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Getting your tickets will be new and improved for the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. We'll still be offering the same passes and packages, including those for Utah locals.

Stay tuned!

How to Fest Without Advance Tickets

Not able to secure a Festival Pass or Ticket Package but still want to get in on the fun? We've got you covered - there's lots to do that doesn't require a ticket.

eWaitlist Tickets

What's the eWaitlist?

We like to ensure that every seat in every theatre is taken, so prior to the start of each film we sell the open seats to people who have signed up on our eWaitlist. It's a very successful way to see some of the films that sell out early, and we've just made it easier by allowing you to sign up anywhere with an internet connection.

How does it work?

Our new, exciting, mobile-enabled check-in system allows festivalgoers to reserve a line position over the internet, and provides self-serve kiosks for those without an internet capable device.

No more waiting in long, cold lines for two hours prior to screening time for a waitlist number! Festivalgoers will now have the ability to receive a waitlist number for a screening via any internet capable device. The system also allows festivalgoers to view/manage their check-in and see the likelihood of admittance to the event. It’s an environmentally friendly, paperless solution.

How many waitlist tickets are at every screening?

There are no allotments of waitlist tickets per theatre. Waitlist seats open up only if ticket or pass holders do not show up to the screening by the 15 minute mark. At that point, the theatre management assesses the number of open seats, and sells to the waitlist. Pass holders and ticket holders are still admitted during this time and have priority over waitlisters.

What are my chances of getting into a screening by using the waitlist?

Your chances are great! Almost 15% of our audience attends via the waitlist and it’s increasing every year as we get more efficient seating audience members in empty seats. We also know the average number of filmgoers who successfully get in per screening and the maximum amount of waitlisters that attended a screening at a theatre last year (see chart).

Learn how to take advantage of this new electronic waitlist system:


Register for the Sundance Film Festival eWaitlist at Please note that this account is unique to the eWaitlist. Previously created accounts related to ticketing or merchandise purchases are not applicable.


Want to waitlist for a film with a friend? Link your eWaitlist account to a friend's by going to your account settings , which is the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen. There you can invite your friend to either create an account and link to yours, or if they already have one, you can link instantly!


Two hours before the scheduled screening time for your desired film, the eWaitlist will open and you will be eligible to check-in for a waitlist number. If you're early, you'll find a countdown clock on the screening's check-in page so that you'll know exactly when to check-in. You'll be eligible to waitlist for only one screening per two-hour window. And remember, you can join the waitlist either by yourself or with a friend.


Once you check-in, you'll immediately receive your eWaitlist number. It will be saved under your "My Waitlist" heading in your account. If you eWaitlist with a friend, you'll also see their number, and they will have access to the waitlist number in their own "My Waitlist".

Changed your mind? Please CANCEL your ewaitlist number (the remaining waitlisters with higher numbers than yours will be excited to know that someone in front of them has cancelled). You'll then be eligible to waitlist for another film during the same time period.


Arrive at the theater of your eWaitlist screening and be in the waitlist line no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled screening time, present your eWaitlist number on your mobile device to a volunteer on-site, and queue in your number position. If you do not have a mobile device but have an eWaitlist number you received from a computer, present a valid photo ID to the theater volunteer on-site. They will have a full list of eWaitlist registrants and eWaitlist numbers. If you arrive at the theater less than 30 minutes before the scheduled screening time, you will be asked to queue at the end of the line regardless of your eWaitlist number.


Waitlist tickets will be sold to the waitlist line in queue order on a space available basis, beginning anytime from 30 minutes before the schedule screening time up until the start of the film. Tickets are $20 and only cash is accepted.


    In order to eWaitlist, you must first register online in our system. You may only register once. This account is separate from any ticketing system purchase account. You may check-in for only ONE eWaitlist per two-hour time period. You may cancel your eWaitlist at any time before the end of the 90-minute check-in period. If you cancel your eWaitlist for a particular screening within a two-hour window, you will become eligible to eWaitlist for a different screening within the same two-hour window. Be sure to cancel your ewaitlist number if you do not intend to show up to the theatre. If you do not show up to the theatre two consecutive times AND you did not cancel your ewaitlist check-in, you will receive a warning from the system indicating your next no-show, no-cancel will result in the suspension of your account for 6 hours. All eWaitlists will close 30 minutes prior to the scheduled screening times. If an eWaitlist reaches the maximum number of eWaitlist numbers that will be distributed to a particular screening, the eWaitlist will be closed, regardless of timing. You may link your account to a friend. Your friend will have to authorize this link in order for it to be active. You may link your account to multiple friends accounts, but you may only eWaitlist with one friend at a time to a particular screening. You will receive an eWaitlist number immediately upon check-in. Your eWaitlist number will be saved in your "My Waitlist" section. If you eWaitlist with a friend, you'll see their number under your "My Waitlist" section, and they will also see their waitlist number under their own "My Waitlist". SMARTPHONE/TABLET USERS: Please present your waitlist number via your mobile device upon arrival at the theater. A theater representative will assist placing you in queue, amongst other waitlisters. NON-SMARTPHONE/TABLET USERS: If you do not have a mobile, internet capable device, and you check-in for the eWaitlist at a stationary computer, you will need to present a valid photo ID to the theater representative at your desired screening. She will have a complete list of eWaitlist names and line position numbers, and will be able to verify your waitlist number. She will then assist placing you in queue, amongst other waitlisters. Waitlist tickets will be sold to the waitlist line in queue order on a space available basis, beginning anytime from 30 minutes before the schedule screening time up until the start of the film. Tickets are $20 and only cash is accepted. Waitlist tickets for Sundance Kids screenings are $10. Sorry, no student, military, or senior discounts in the waitlist. WAITLIST NUMBERS DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE SOLD A TICKET TO YOUR DESIRED SCREENING. All waitlist tickets will be sold to the waitlist line in queue order on a space available basis. The Sundance Film Festival reserves the right to prohibit any sales during this Festival and in future years to any eWaitlister who is identified or has been identified as a ticket reseller. This pertains to resales at above, below, or at face value. Resales include unauthorized duplication and multiple forwarding of eWaitlist numbers. Tickets and credentials can be remotely invalidated. All theaters have scanning capabilities.
Free Events

Don't despair if you just can't find that ticket. There are film panels, concerts, cutting-edge media installations, and more in addition to our regular program of films. Events run all day, every day at Festival venues like the Filmmaker Lodge, Festival Co-op, the Sundance ASCAP Music Café, and New Frontier. And there's always something happening at Festival Headquarters at the Park City Marriott.

Customer Service

ADA Accessibility

Sundance Institute works to make each of its venues, theatres, and buses physically accessible for all Festivalgoers. Some venues require advance notice for patrons with ADA needs. Click here to learn more.

Festival Insiders

Festival Insiders are volunteers who have been specially trained to help you navigate the Festival. Have questions about buying tickets? Where to catch a shuttle? Grab a cup of cocoa? Find a restroom? Festival Insiders have the answers. These friendly folks hang out on Main Street and at other Festival venues sporting wide smiles and "Ask Me" buttons.

Lost and Found

Lost Something?

Items found at Sundance theatres and official non-theatre venues will be kept in the location in which they were recovered for the duration of the Festival. Items lost on shuttles or at official special events will be transferred to the Information Booth at the Park City Main Box Office. After the Festival, unclaimed items will be kept until February 12, 2016, before being donated to charity. Please fill out the form below or direct lost and found inquiries to

For all items lost at non-Sundance locations, the location should be contacted directly.

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Customer Service Contact

Comments? Complaints? Feedback? Questions? Email: Customer Service Hotline (active during Festival Season): 888-285-7790 or 435-776-7878, Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. MT