Alumni Volunteers

FAQ for alumni to review prior to applying for 2015.

  1. If you volunteered in 2014, you will receive a reminder email to re-apply when the application OPENS August 15, 2014. If you volunteered prior to 2014 but could not attend 2014, please set a calendar reminder to check the website to apply as we ONLY send reminder emails to most recent Festival alumni. (This is due to outdated contact information. Once an alumni, you are always an alumni and the application is the same for everyone).
  2. The application process is completely online. You will need to fill out an application at the link provided here with your current Shiftboard login email beginning August 15th, 2014. If you don't know what email you are registered with on Shiftboard, email us!

    Please fill out ALL AREAS as we want to have as much up to date information as we can for you! We will begin reviewing applications as early as we can (starting with alumni). Help us get a head start by applying early

  3. To have priority consideration, alumni MUST submit an application by October 1st, 2014!
  4. Watch your email for updates on your status. Email will be our main source for contacting you and getting everything in line for the Festival. We do not send anything in the mail. Don't worry though, while we're cutting back on paper, we're not robots. You can always reach us by phone at 435-776-7870.

7 Frequently Asked Questions about the Alumni Application:

  1. Q: I have a friend who wants to volunteer, should I email you?
    No need to email us but DO have your friends fill out the application here. There’s a question that asks them how they heard about it, and they should list your full name. We review referred applicants before other new applicants, so it does help. Please have them apply!
  2. Q: I like my past job, but I’m also interested in doing something else. How should I apply?
    If you are interested in other opportunities but would also be OK with returning to your same role, make sure to mark “Return to same role” in the Departments you are interested field AND THEN mark all other departments of interest.

    If you DO NOT want to return to your same role and only want to look at new opportunities, mark all fields you are interested in but DO NOT mark “return to same role”.
  3. Q: How does it work if I apply to do something new?
    We fill volunteer positions starting with alumni who want to do the same thing as they did the past year, given they had good evaluations. After those volunteers are matched to positions, we then look at the remaining alumni applications. We work to help alumni get the placements they’re interested in, if they haven’t already been filled by experienced returners. Ultimately however, our main goal is to meet the Festival’s needs. Please keep in mind that over 60% of volunteers are needed in our Theatres, so we often continue to need great, experienced alumni volunteers there, which may outweigh our ability to place you elsewhere. Also, due to the large number of volunteers that need to be placed, we cannot guarantee that your old position will be available to you if you choose to apply for something new. Timelines vary for different departments and it could be that we fill your old position before we have confirmation on a new one. We don’t want to discourage you from trying new things but we do want to be up front with you about the details involved when doing so.
  4. Q: I didn’t volunteer in 2014. How does it work now that I am applying for 2015?
    If you didn’t volunteer in 2014, you will have to fill out an application just like everyone else. Your application will be considered with the same priority as volunteers looking to try something new, as referenced in question #3.
  5. Q: I was Full-Time last year with a photo credential but I want to be a sign-up volunteer with Full-Time benefits based on hours. How do I apply?
    Awesome! This probably means you “signed up” for at least 80 hours during the Festival or had enough pre-festival hours to accumulate to 80 with your at Festival requirement of 24 hours. If you still want to choose your own shifts, you’ll still want to be Sign-Up so make sure to apply as a Sign-Up!
  6. Q: What if I’d like to get lodging this time?
    Only Full-Time Volunteers who are assigned a full-time position (set schedule) are eligible for lodging consideration. Sign-Up Volunteers and those living in the state of Utah (regardless of volunteer level) do not qualify for Festival-provided lodging. If you didn’t receive lodging last year, but would like to be considered for it this year, you will need to apply for it. We have a limited number of beds and unfortunately cannot lodge every alumni. Those who have received it in the past, will have priority consideration to it but are not guaranteed it. Please keep in mind that when placing volunteers, we prioritize both Alumni and NEW volunteers who have secured lodging. This means, we could fill a position you are after before we get to your application if we find someone who is a fit and has their own lodging. Lodging is a very challenging and difficult puzzle, varying by department, position, our budget, volunteer, and late cancellations.
  7. Q: What if I can’t volunteer in 2015?
    We will miss you!  You do not need to do anything on your application at this time. That said, make sure to check back to the website in August 2015 to apply for 2016!

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