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You're coming to the Festival to see films, not to read an epic of fine print. But we promise reading this page will ease your Festival experience, and in the end save you time by understanding the ins and outs of ticketing. Please take a look and there may even be some fun facts along the way.

In order to purchase a Festival Pass or Ticket Package, you must first register online. You may only register once and dates/times and registration participants are randomly assigned by a computer. There is no advantage to registering on the first registration day.

The Sundance Film Festival reserves the right to prohibit any sales during this Festival and in future years to any ticket buyer who is identified or has been identified as a ticket reseller. This pertains to re-sales at above, below, or at face value. Resales include unauthorized duplication and multiple forwarding of Print at Home tickets. Tickets and credentials can be remotely invalidated. All theatres have scanning capabilities.

By registering, you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed with all the terms and conditions (the "Fine Print") published here.


You must be at least 18 years of age to register and purchase any advance Festival Pass, Ticket Package, or Individual Tickets.

There are no name changes after initial registration. The name used for registration is the name used on the Festival Pass, Ticket Package, or Individual Tickets. The name that appears on the registration also needs to be the person who picks up the purchase.

Be careful! Accounts and names are tied to email addresses. If you register again after an initial purchase with a different name but the same email address, the name on your original purchase will change as well. We will revert the name back to the original registration. This causes problems when trying to pick up a pass, ticket package, or tickets. For different names, use different email addresses.

There are no address changes after initial registration. You must register with a street address. Registrations listing only a P.O. box address will be cancelled. P.O. boxes should be listed as secondary addresses when registering for mailing purposes (film guide delivery) only.

There is no advantage to registering on the first day. Timeslot assignment and selection of registrants for purchases are not based on a first come, first serve basis. Registrants are not guaranteed a purchase timeslot. Timeslots are assigned randomly by a computer.

Limit one registration per person. Duplicate registrations will be cancelled without notification. A "duplicate registration" is determined by comparing names with other account information.

Quantities are limited. We do not guarantee ticket availability for any participants, regardless of their assigned purchase time. Demand far exceeds our supply.

Did you know that the hole in an old box office window was called a "wicket?" And a "sticky wicket" refers to a situation in a cricket game when the pitch has become damp, typically due to rain or high humidity...and has nothing to do with wet tickets.

All registrants are notified via email, whether or not they are selected for a purchase time. See "Important Dates" in Getting Tickets for when you will be notified via email.

Festival Passes and Ticket Packages

The Express A Pass is extremely limited and not available during the public purchase period.

Purchases are limited to one Festival Pass/Ticket Package per item type (exceptions will be noted in ticket pass descriptions), with a limit of four Festival Passes and/or Ticket Packages per transaction.

Please note that if you purchase a public pass or package offered in the Chase Sapphire Preferred®, Locals sales or any other private sale, you cannot purchase a second pass/package of the same type in a different sale.

Because of increasing demand and limited inventory, we are restricting ticket packages purchases to 4 per household (up to a max of 80 tickets per address, couples, families, partners or roommates).

Vouchers are issued in instances when the number of allotted tickets in a ticket package is not fulfilled within the ticket selection period. No refunds will be given. We cannot accommodate your ticket requests after January 9. Be aware that by the time you receive your vouchers, ticket availability is extremely limited and your vouchers can only be exchanged for available films. Vouchers may only be used for their designated time period (for example, Week A or Week B) or geographic location. Vouchers cannot be purchased, are not resellable, and have no refundable value. Vouchers can be redeemed at the Main Box Office until 2 hours prior to show time, or as a waitlist payment at any theatre.

All Pass Holders, including Express Ticket credential holders, should arrive at the theatre at least 30 minutes prior to the film's published start time to gain priority entrance. At 15 minutes prior to the film's published screening time, the Pass Holder priority seating line will be closed. Pass Holders  and Express Ticket Credential holders arriving after that time forfeit priority seating rights and must queue with ticketed patrons.

To guarantee admittance, ticket and eligible Pass Holders must be in their seats 15 minutes prior to the film's published scheduled start time.

All purchased tickets are valued at $20.

Any leftover Festival Passes/Ticket Packages are offered for open sale online on Tuesday, October 28, 2014. Registration is not required.

Did you know the term "Box Office" originates from Shakespearean times, in which boxes would be used to collect a fee? However, due to thieves, the boxes would only contain a small amount of money, and the full boxes would be placed in an office, collectively called a "Box Office."

The photo deadline for all Festival Passes is December 5, 2014. If a photo is not uploaded or received by that date, you will be required to get your picture taken and your Festival Pass created during the Festival (long line alert!).

Express delivery is available for $25. Express delivery option is only available at time of purchase. Proof of ID and signature are required at time of delivery. If photos for Festival Pass Credentials are not submitted by the photo deadline, Fed-Ex delivery will be cancelled without refund.

Express Delivery is not available for transport outside of the United States. International patrons may collect their Festival Passes or Ticket Packages beginning January 21, 2015 during Pass/Package Pickup. Pass/Package pickup for Utah locals begins on January 20, 2015.

Festival Pass/Ticket Package Pickup: Patrons who did not select Express Delivery at the time of purchase should pick up their Festival Pass/Ticket Package at either the Pass and Package Office in Park City or the Salt Lake City Main Box Office. Patrons will select their pickup location when they make their Festival Pass/Ticket Package purchase. Pickup begins on Wednesday, January 21, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and continues throughout the Festival from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (MT) DAILY. 

All cancellation requests must be received in writing via email or fax (no phone calls) and confirmed with the Pass/Package office by December 5, 2014. There is a 20% handling fee applied to all cancelled orders. Cancellation requests can be sent via email to Your email must include your name, reservation number, and a copy of your purchase confirmation email.


Individual Tickets

Quantities are limited. We do not guarantee ticket availability for any participants. Demand far exceeds our supply. Availability for opening weekend screenings and films in the Premiere and Documentary Premiere categories may be sparse, but stay flexible and you can see many great films this way!

Due to overwhelming ticket demand, we cannot offer any public group sales.

Ticket Pickup: Patrons should pick up their tickets at any one of the four Main Box Offices - located in Park City, Salt Lake City, Sundance Resort, and Ogden - beginning January 20, 2015. For Main Box Office hours and locations, click here and view Box Office Hours under General Information.

Did you know the first use of scan barcodes was to label railroad cars in 1959, but they were not commercially successful until they were used to automate supermarket checkout systems in the late '80s? Did you know that barcodes on Sundance Film Festival tickets are Code 93, not UPCs?

Refunds are not given for non-collected tickets ordered via the web.

All ticket sales and fees are final and non-refundable. However, tickets may be exchanged at the Main Box Offices up to two hours in advance of the printed screening time and based on availability - a $2.00 per ticket fee applies.

No ticket pickup or exchanges are made at the individual theatre box offices at the theatres.

Tickets are available online for films screening more than 36 hours in advance. Registration is not required for these sales.


Ticket Regulations

No refunds, transfers, or re-sales permitted.

Ticket holder must be seated 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time or seat may be forfeited.

Films are not rated. Viewer discretion is advised. Most films and shorts are un-previewed world premieres. If you have a concern about content or want a longer description of the film, please visit our online film guide and view the filmmaker's website and social media links. Films can also be researched via or Google.

Americans with Disabilities Act: All screenings have accessible seats. So we can further assist you, you may opt to call Customer Service at 888-285-7790 or 435-776-7878, or email with your schedule and we will contact theatre personnel in advance of your arrival. Click here for more information.

Ticket and privileges may be revoked at any time for any reason without liability to Sundance Institute. Ticket or Pass Holder releases and holds harmless Sundance Institute together with its parents, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, successors, assigns, and licensees, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents from any claims resulting in attendance.

The likeness of the ticket and any Sundance trademarks may not be used without express written consent of Sundance Institute.


All Festival Credentials include admittance to Sundance House Presented by HP, Filmmaker Lodge, Sundance ASCAP Music Café (daytime admission), New Frontier, and Festival Co-Op.

Each pass serves as a single credential.

All official Sundance Film Festival parties require a TICKET for access, based on space availability. Tickets for official Sundance Film Festival parties are not for sale. These are obtained by purchasing certain select passes or ticket packages (see pass/ticket package descriptions for Party Access).

Each Credential Holder MUST BE 21 to enter the Sundance ASCAP Music Café; and special events held at the Filmmaker Lodge. No exceptions.

Credentials may not be sold or reproduced - nor will materials be reprinted - under any circumstances. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of federal law. Credentials are invalid and revocable without photo identification. Credentials are property of Sundance Institute, all rights reserved.

Oh, no! You're not done yet! If you're not a Local or Sundance Industry member, continue onto FEES and THEATRE REGULATIONS.


All terms and conditions in the Fine Print above apply to all Locals purchases as well.

Timeslot assignments for the Locals Individual Tickets Sale are nontransferable. This includes spouses, roommates, domestic partners, relatives, pets, multiple personalities, etc.

Registration is limited to one registration per person. Your registered address must MATCH the NAME and ADDRESS on the valid Utah ID that you present in-person at the time of pickup in January.

Utah does not allow P.O. Boxes on driver's licenses. You must register with a street address. Registrations listing only a P.O. Box address will be cancelled. P.O. Boxes should be listed only as secondary mailing addresses when registering.

Locals MAY NOT select Express Delivery as a delivery option when purchasing any Festival Pass, Ticket Package, or Individual Tickets. All Festival Passes, Ticket Packages, and Individual Tickets must be picked up in person by the person who registered (really, no exceptions). Photo ID is required.

Film Lovers Ticket Packages are limited to two per household.

Locals Festival Pass and Ticket Package pickup will begin on January 20, 2015 at the Pass and Package Office in Park City and the Salt Lake City Main Box Office and will run throughout the Festival. You will select your pickup location during your Pass/Package purchase timeslot. Pickup location cannot be changed after the time of purchase.

The registrant who purchased the Festival Pass or Ticket Package must be the one to pick it up and prove residency with a Utah state issued ID. We make no exceptions to this rule.

Did you know that the ticket office building for the Skier's Subway that operated in Park City in the '60s was home to the Sundance Film Festival Ticketing Department? Skiers climbed into modified mining trolleys and were pulled two and a half miles through the pitch dark Spiro Tunnel to the Thaynes Hoist, where they boarded the old mine elevator and were lifted 1,750 feet to the surface near the Thaynes chair lift.

Locals must provide a valid Utah driver's license or Utah state ID card to purchase tickets or pickup passes and packages. Utility bills, property tax statements, car registrations, and notes from Deer Valley will not be accepted as proof of residency. No exceptions. If you cannot present a Utah driver's license or Utah State ID Card upon pickup, you will not receive your pass/package/tickets and no refund will be issued.

Out-of-state property management firms and timeshare holders are not considered locals. The Locals options in Park City are a thank-you to the year-round residents who are affected daily by the Festival preparations, traffic congestion, schedule disruptions, etc. Locals are important to us.

Picking Up for Someone Else (this does not apply to Locals purchases)

To pickup a Festival Pass, Ticket Package, or Individual Tickets for someone else, you will need to provide hard copies (no emails!) of the following items in order for our staff to release any purchase to you:

  • A Release Letter signed by the Pass/Package/Ticket Holder indicating the specific name of the person who will be picking up the purchase.
  • A copy of the confirmation email that was sent from Sundance to the original Pass/Package/Ticket Holder.
  • A copy of both sides of the credit card used for purchase.
  • A copy of the photo I.D. of the original Pass/Package/Ticket Holder (signature on ID must match signature on Release Letter).
  • The individual picking up the Pass/Package/Tickets must have a photo ID and name on ID must match name mentioned in Release Letter.

Local Pass/Package/Ticket Holders must be there in person to pick up their Pass/Package/Tickets.

Purchasers of student or military discount tickets to screenings at the Ogden Peery’s Egyptian Theatre must provide ID at the time of pickup or purchase.

Sundance Industry Office (SIO) Fine Print

If you are a member of the SIO, please read the information here.

The world's first movie premiere was on December 28, 1895, at the Grand Café in Paris. The cost of admission was one franc (about 22 cents). The triple feature included "Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory" (sounds like a World Documentary), "The Blacksmith at Work" (could be a Midnight film), and "The Sprinkler Sprinkled" (definitely Dramatic Competition).


All fees are non-refundable.

Individual ticket prices are $20. Waitlist tickets are $15. “Sundance Kids” screenings are $10.
Handling Fee: $1 per ticket (all online tickets only). Exchange Fee: $2 per ticket
Pass/Package Fee: $30
Phone Order Fee: $50 (available only during ticket package selection; we strongly advise that you select all tickets online).
Express Delivery Fee: $25
Cancellation Fee (Passes/Packages must be cancelled by December 5): 20% of the price of the Festival Pass or Ticket Package

Theatre Regulations

All patrons - whether credentialed or ticketed - must adhere to the following guidelines posted at each theatre:

1. To guarantee admittance, Ticket and eligible Pass Holders must be in their seats 15 minutes prior to the film's scheduled start time.

2. The use of cameras or other recording equipment is strictly prohibited during the screening.

3. Filmgoers should remember to take all personal belongings and litter with them as they exit. Any items left behind may be disposed of. "Found" items will be held only until February 18, 2015. Items that are unclaimed after two weeks are donated to charity. If you have any lost and found issues, contact

4. The Sundance Film Festival reserves the right to search the personal belongings of any patron inside or around the premises of the theatre.

5. By entering the theatre, patrons consent to be photographed/filmed and grant Sundance Institute, its successors, assigned parties, carrier stations, network station(s), sponsor(s), advertising agents, and their affiliated entities the right to record and use their likeness, voice, and name worldwide in perpetuity for any purpose whatsoever. In addition, they release the above parties from any and all liability for loss or damage to person or property while they are at or around the theatre.

6. All cell phones inside theatre auditoriums must be turned off prior to the introduction of the film.

7. All filmgoers agree to comply with all published and stated rules and regulations.

8. No babes in arms or strollers permitted in theatres. Or pets (except service animals). Even teensy-weensy cutesy-poo lap dogs hidden in Birkin bags must stay outside the theatre.

Congratulations on reading all of the Fine Print! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Click here to learn how to buy tickets. If you need additional assistance, someone from our Customer Service staff will be happy to help you. Remember: no name changes!