Festival Documents

Publicity Contacts

Download the Publicity Contacts sheet for a detailed list of publicity contacts for each film and New Frontier installation.

Press & Industry Screening Grid

Press & Industry screenings are open only to accredited members of the Festival Press Office and Industry Office. You must present your credentials when entering Press & Industry screenings.

Download the Press & Industry Screening Grid

This document will be updated periodically leading up to and through the Festival.

Photographers & Videographers at the Festival

Journalists accredited by the Festival’s Press Office can request a photography ‘tag’ for an accompanying photographer or videographer. When displayed prominently, tags allow photo and video access to venues and events. Due to space constraints we are not able to provide tags to photographers that are not accompanying a journalist accredited by the Festival.

Tags can be requested by press line, panel, event or venue, and you must indicate your specific plans for photo and video (what you are requesting access to, how photos and video will be used, etc.). For photographers covering more than three press lines an ‘All Press Lines’ tag can be requested; Please note that these are extremely limited. All tags must be picked up in the Press Office.

For any questions please contact presscoverage@sundance.org.

All Press Lines Tag Request Form
Venue Access Tag Request Form

Press Line Tag Request Form