To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given

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Media Sculpture
United States

Artist: Brent Green

Animator/artist Brent Green breathes three-dimensional life into his signature nervously sweet, line-drawn animation style in his multiplane media sculpture, To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given. Plug your body into this magical sleighlike structure and ride through a story land where a woman sews a spacesuit for a Russian dog astronaut and working-class people search for the meaning of their lives as they ride the tidal waves of technological invention. Their survival may lie in their ability to question forces much larger and more powerful than themselves.

Commissioned by Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center.


Producers: EMPAC, Kathleen Forde, Donna K.
Executive Producer: EMPAC (Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center)
Researchers and Production Designers: Eric Ameres, Ryan Jenkins
Consultants: Mick Bello, Zackary Belanger