The Cloud of Unknowing

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Multimedia Installation

Artist: Ho Tzu Nyen

The boundary between viewer and art dissolves in Ho Tzu Nyen’s sublime work, The Cloud of Unknowing. Step inside and find a comfortable space in the room. On a screen, a narrative unfolds, set in a public housing complex in Singapore, where eight characters in eight apartments individually encounter a cloud, embodied both as a figure and a vaporous mist. The film is rear-projected and looped, integrating a complex soundtrack and synchronized steam machines to create a seamless and sublimely atmospheric sense of film/audience permeability.

Commissioned by the National Arts Council, Singapore, for the Singapore Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale, and Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan, for MAM Project #16

Borrowed from the Collection of the Singapore Art Museum


Johnston Anderson Cheng
Remesh Panicker
K Rajagopal
Andy Hillyard
Helen Chan
Zahir Sanosi
Nick Ng


Executive Producers: Stephanie Goh and June Yap
Cinematographer: Amandi Wong
Consultant: Andy Lim
Production Designer: James Page
Sound Designers: Jeffrey Yue and Yasuhiro Morinaga
Producer: Fran Borgia