Radical Games Against the Tyranny of Entertainment

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Video Games
United States

Artist: Molleindustria

Molleindustria’s Radical Games Against the Tyranny of Entertainment take on Big Oil, fast food, cell phones, the military and the economy of free ideas.

These works are included:

Unmanned: Pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) over a war zone while conversing with your spouse in the suburbs.

Oligarchy: Become king of the petroleum era: explore and drill around the world, corrupt politicians, stop alternative energy, and increase oil addiction. Have fun before natural resources run out.

McDonald’s Video Game: Create pastures, lead animals to slaughter, learn restaurant management and branding, and discover the secrets behind the success of one of the biggest companies in the world.

Free Culture: Learn about the struggle between free culture and copyright.

Orgasm Simulator: Develop on-screen confidence and learn to orchestrate your partner's moans with your own.

Phone Story: Get in touch with the dark side of your favorite smartphone with this educational game recently banned from the App Store.