Sundance Film Festival USA

Sundance Film Festival USA

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When Bob Redford launched the Sundance Film Festival, he hoped to create a platform for audiences to discover the best independent film of the day. Nearly 30 years later, tens of thousands of people travel by planes, trains, cars, and sometimes skis to join us in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah. Because we know that many film lovers aren’t able to make the trek to Utah, we’re always looking for ways to extend our reach. One way we do this is with Sundance Film Festival USA, a one-night celebration of independent film that takes place in nine cities across the country.

For the third year running, we’ll dispatch filmmakers and their films from the Festival in Utah to independent art house cinemas from Orlando to Tucson. Our hope is that this project will create one-of-a-kind film-going experiences in communities nationwide, and also that it will shine a light on art house cinemas and the important role they play in bringing independent film to audiences on the local level.

And the lucky winners are:

If you live in or near any of these cities, we hope you’ll join us on Thursday, January 26. (And if you don’t, don’t worry – we have an incredible amount of content online and, hopefully, films from the Festival will be available in a theatre near you or online soon.)  We’ll announce the film screening at each venue in December, but tickets may be on sale before then, so check with each theatre’s box office. 

One thing I love about Sundance Film Festival USA is that it is designed to serve not only the artists and audiences that support independent film but also the theatres. It reminds us to visit them not just on this one night but as often as possible throughout the year. 

The power of independent film to inform and enlighten is dependent on the grassroots, daily work done by these nine theatres and others like them. We hope you’ll join us for Sundance Film Festival USA and that you’ll support the art house in your town all throughout the year.

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