In GIFs: Shia LaBeouf Courts Evan Rachel Wood in Charlie Countryman

In GIFs: Shia LaBeouf Courts Evan Rachel Wood in Charlie Countryman

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Charlie Countryman—formerly the more long-winded The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman—is Fredrik Bond’s rapidly paced first feature film that, for all its stylistic glut, avoids undercutting expert performances from Shia LaBeouf, Evan Rachel Wood, and Mads Mikkelsen.

LaBeouf plays the title character, an American traveler who becomes dangerously lured into a web of Eastern Euro violence while tracking down an enigmatic crush (Evan Rachel Wood), the daughter of a man who died next to him on a flight to Romania. Charlie Countryman opens in theaters Friday, November 15th, but get a taste of the film with these 6 GIFs.

What do you do with a dead man on a plane?


In the case of Charlie Countryman, you become smitten by the dead man’s daughter and her seductive Eastern European intonation.


But she, of course, has a man from her past who is a hardened Romanian thug.


And he’s not so fond of this new American in his ex-wife’s life. So he kicks his ass...


Again and again.


But it might just be worth it.


And then Nicolas Cage shows up for no reason at all.

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