Sundance Dot Org Seeks Web Development Partner

Sundance Dot Org Seeks Web Development Partner

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Sundance Institute is seeking a dynamic web development agency to help reinvent and redesign Sundance Dot Org.  The Institute will provide a working team that blends key staffers from our Technology, Marketing, Content and Social-Media departments to help shape strategy, content and tactics for the rebuild.

TBD Agency will provide the guidance to create journey-mapping, information architecture strategy, technology stack recommendations, Look-and-Feel and all implementation and development of the site thru launch.

We seek futuristic and adventurous designs, high-quality user-experience insights and daring reorganization of our sizeable content library.

As a not-for-profit organization, Sundance Institute is seeking pro-bono services and will be offering brand recognition and Sundance Film Festival benefits to the Agency selected.

  • Project Definition / Requirements (Ongoing)
  • Discovery Phase (09.25 to 11.15.2012) – Led by TBD Agency
  • Project Production HIATUS  - 11.15.2012 to 02.04.2013 (due to internal staff time required for 2013 Sundance Film Festival)
  • Planning (02.04 to 03.31.2013)
  • Design (03.31.2013 to 04.30.2013)
  • Development (05.01.2013 to 07.30.2013)
  • Testing and Delivery (08.01 to 08.30.2013)
  • Soft Launch (08.01.2013)

Current Web Server Technology Stack

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php)

Operating System ­ Ubuntu Linux 10.2

Web Server Software ­ Apache 2.2.20


Server Side Scripting ­ PHP 5.3

CMS ­ Expression Engine 1.7

The size and scope of our project requires us to work with robust teams; no freelance designers please.  To be considered, please send a company profile along with lead-contact information to

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