Makin’ Indie Films with Frankie Latina Is Tough (But YOU Can Help)

Makin’ Indie Films with Frankie Latina Is Tough (But YOU Can Help)

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This has been an amazing roller coaster of a month working with my son Gilbert and Frankie on this Kickstarter campaign while they try to raise the budget for their new film "Snap Shot."  I've never seen two guys more persistent, creative and passionate about getting their film made than Gilbert and Frankie in my entire career. I'm really proud to be part of this project it has been a very humbling experience to see how projects like these bring our communities together. Thank you to all who have donated thus far, I hope all of you will spread the word and share the the link for the final push this week ending Friday Mar 29, at 3:00 PM.

The first time I worked with Frankie on Modus Operandi it was amazing, I was overwhelmed with my trip to Milwaukee. When I got off the plane Frankie had the Milwaukee Police Department give me a police escort to my hotel. A police escort and not going to jail! On set in an abandoned 1930's movie theatre I pulled out a guys eye with a corkscrew, shoved a piece of dynamite in his eye socket, and blew his head up. I was really impressed by Frankie and his crew because it was a labor of love to them and I love working with directors that love what their doing and hes doing it for free! So thats when I say give me what you can and lets do this. I've never felt more at home any place, and thats any place in the world. Frankie and his crew were awesome! Usually somebody's got to have an attitude on set, I meen somebody's got to have an attitude. I was kinda pissed off somebody should have had a fucked up attitude on set but nobody! nobody!

Please continue to support independent film, what these guys are doing is what it's all about. I'd rather work with passionate people any day of the week, thanks for looking -- Danny

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