We all had that sense of community our first time at Sundance – whether it was at the Lab, hunkered down at the Owl Bar or battling the snow and the crowds up Main Street at the Festival. The Sundance Alumni Program is about building that community, both as a resource for you and for us.

You must be listed in the official Online Archive on the Sundance Institute website and provide us with your contact information to qualify for an Alumni Credential and other year-round benefits.

  • Sundance Institute Alumni includes Fellows, Grantees, Creative Advisors, Lab Actors, and Filmmakers from all of the Institute’s programs including the Sundance Film Festival, Feature Film Program, Theatre Program, Native and Indigenous Program, Film Music Program, Documentary Film Program, and Film Forward.
  • Festival alumni includes any cast or crew member listed in the credits of the official Sundance Film Festival Catalogue.
    • Typically this includes the Director, Screenwriter, Producers, Cinematographer, Editor, Composer, and Principal Cast.


We keep track of all of you on our searchable Online Archive – the past 30 years of Sundance Institute people and projects. You also can view full catalog pages from the Film Festival, Lab participants and group photos from the Feature Film, Theatre, Film Music, and Documentary Programs.

Please visit the Online Archive on the Sundance website to check your records. Let us know if there are inaccuracies in our records, and we’ll help you update incorrect or missing information.

visit history.sundance.org