The End of Love

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The End of Love

Monday, January 21, 2013

Written and directed by Mark Webber

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Mark is a struggling actor stuck between the life he once knew and the one waiting for him. When the mother of his two-year-old son suddenly passes away, Mark is forced to confront his shortcomings. Their fates, now intertwined, hang in the balance as Mark grapples with his ability to grow up. When he meets Lydia, a young mother, he is no longer able to live in the comfort of denial.

Writer/director/actor Mark Webber creates a stark, yet intimate, atmosphere where we can't help but feel we are bearing witness to the most private moments between a father and son. Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, The End of Love is an achingly honest portrait with scenes linked not by dramatic line but by emotional vitality. Endowed with a raw but vibrant truth, it tells a story about the universal pain of loss and the courage it takes to change.

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