Live PC Give PC

On 11.11.11, the Sundance Institute and the Park City community will come together for 24 hours of unprecedented nonprofit giving during the Live PC Give PC event. Join us and support Sundance Institute’s community and student programming offered at the annual Sundance Film Festival and year-round:  

  • Filmmakers in the Classroom
  • Sundance Film Festival High School Screenings
  • Sundance Institute Summer Film Series
  • Sundance Institute Year-Round Collaborations
  • Sundance Film Festival Townie Tuesday Screenings
  • Best of the Festival Screenings
  • Non-Profit Give-Aways
  • Community Outreach Tickets
  • "Locals-Only" Ticketing

How does it work?

  • Go to and check out all the organizations participating in the day of giving. 
  • Click on the link, “Explore the many organizations that enrich Park City” and select your favorite non-profit organization.
  • Donations start at just $10.

This campaign is also a contest. Please donate to Sundance Institute and help us win a grant to further support our community programs.

Visit today.

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