The Signal, in 6 GIFs

In 6 GIFs: Laurence Fishburne and Brenton Thwaites in The Signal

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What makes for more unnerving cinema than the suffocating conditions of captivity? Don't answer that, we'd rather not know. But in William Eubank’s The Signal, the perplexing hostage situation at hand has the makings of sci-fi nightmares. Both mind- and genre-bending, Eubank's stunning drama blends the tension of a classic hostage thriller with lyrical cinematography in a narrative that pits up-and-comer Brenton Thwaites against his stoic captor Laurence Fishburne. Here’s the scoop on the film in 6 GIFs. The Signal opens in theaters Friday, June 13.

What is ostensibly the story of young MIT hackers Nick (Brenton Thwaites) and Hailey (Olivia Cooke) falling in love…

…Abruptly takes an ominous, chilling turn.

Following a terrifying confrontation with a fellow hacker in the desert, the pair (and their third-wheeling friend Jonah) regain consciousness in captivity. Their captor (Laurence Fishburne) is an enigmatic, space-age suited man who asks Nick, “Can you recall for me the first time your encountered ‘The Signal’?”

It’s a question that only prompts a larger unearthing regarding Nick and his friends’ confinement.

Leaving them only one recourse: Escape.

And of course, The Signal abounds with grand scenes of classic sci-fi action. Because why not? (Though, you'd be shocked by the moderate budget.)