A Film Unseen

A Film Unseen

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At the 2010 Festival, we showed an extremely moving film called A Film Unfinished, a penetrating look at another film—the now-infamous Nazi-produced film about the Warsaw Ghetto. Editor Joelle Alexis took home the World Cinema Documentary Editing Award for her masterful work.

Adam Yauch (an alum himself, at the 2006 Festival with Awesome: I F***ing Shot That) picked up the film after the Festival with his company Oscilloscope Laboratories and will be releasing the film mid-August. However, they got a serious blow last week when the MPAA gave the documentary an “R” for “disturbing images of holocaust atrocities including graphic nudity."

This rating will obviously affect the film’s ability to be shown in educational venues. To this point, Adam says, “This is too important of a historical document to ban from classrooms. While there’s no doubt that Holocaust atrocities are displayed, if teachers feel their students are ready to understand what happened, it’s essential that young people are giving the opportunity to see this film. Why deny them the chance to learn about this critical part of our human history? I understand that the MPAA wants to protect children’s eyes from things that are too overwhelming, but they’ve really gone too far this time. It’s bullshit."

Oscilloscope appealed but we learned late last week that the MPAA has upheld its rating.

Director Yael Hersonski said, “I am extremely disappointed that teenagers in this country won’t have unrestricted access to this critical imagery of the Holocaust.”

We are with you both on this one. The film is amazing and deserves to be seen. To find out more about the film, where you can see it and how you can get more involved, click here.

Read this interview with Yael Hersonski before her Festival premiere.