Lock Charmer (El cerrajero)
World Dramatic


Spanish with English subtitles, 2013, 77 minutes, color, Argentina

Sebastian, a locksmith who doesn’t believe in committed relationships, learns from his recent girlfriend, Monica, that she’s pregnant and he might be the father. At the same time, he discovers a strange power: when he fixes people's locks, he gets a vision into their lives—a sudden flash revealing their feelings. But this unwanted gift starts to complicate his life. After he warns a maid named Daisy that her boyfriend is trouble, she leaves the boyfriend, and Sebastian takes her in. When yet another vision sheds light on his own life, Sebastian is forced to examine his hang-ups, his family, and his relationship with Monica.

Set over the course of three weeks in Buenos Aires, a time when a smoky haze blankets the city, Lock Charmer (El cerrajero) puts its trust in simplicity and naturalism. With a sensibility that echoes her first film, Puzzles, Natalia Smirnoff is drawn to characters who are blown just slightly off course—their natural rhythm rattled. But with restrained direction, a dash of magical realism, and an affectionate sense of humor, Smirnoff steers them down a subtle path of soul searching, knowing the key is in their hands.

Director: Natalia Smirnoff

Screenwriter: Natalia Smirnoff

Producer: Juan Pablo Miller

Costume Designer: Julio Suarez

Sound: Gaspar Scheuer

Composer: Alejandro Franov

Cinematographer: Bill Nieto

Art Director: María Eugenia Sueiro

Principal Cast: Esteban Lamothe, Erica Rivas, Yosiria Huaripata

About the Director

Born in 1972 in Buenos Aires, Natalia Smirnoff studied systems engineering before pursuing film direction at the University of Cinema Foundation. She worked for seven years as a director at Prensario magazine for TV and cable. Smirnoff attended a Martin Salinas script workshop and trained in theatre and mise-en-scène at the Augusto Fernandes School. In 2009, she directed her first film, Puzzle, which was selected for competition at the Berlin International Film Festival. Lock Charmer (El cerrajero) is her second feature film.


1/21/2014 6:00 pm
Egyptian Theatre, Park City
1/22/2014 3:00 pm
Broadway Centre Cinema 6, SLC
1/23/2014 8:30 pm
Library Center Theatre, Park City
1/24/2014 8:30 pm
Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
1/25/2014 4:00 pm
Holiday Village Cinema 4, Park City