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SEPIDEH Available On iTunes
SEPIDEH Available On iTunes

SEPIDEH Available On iTunes

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Beginning today, SEPIDEH, an official selection of the 2014 World Documentary Competition section of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, is available to purchase exclusively on iTunes: www.itunes.com/sepideh. While there, be sure to check out other classic titles from Sundance’s past 30 years in our curated iTunes room. The official 2014 Sundance Film Festival iPhone app and videos from our competition directors, “Meet the Artists”, are also available.

“Tonight I’m going stargazing again to observe the sky. I feel I’m the only one who is awake. In this instant the world is mine…Orion, Canis Major, Lepus, Ursa Major and the others. It seems that life has another meaning up there. That you’re somehow closer to the dear ones you lost.”

-Sepideh’s diary

“To me there is a universal tone in the film that is instantly recognizable. A young woman is at a cross road between childhood and adulthood, and at the very same time she is trying to break away from tradition and find her own niche in life. Sepideh shows us that it takes courage and an enormous will power, to go head to head with a conservative and controlling society, and that one must never take freedom for granted. But taking your destiny into your own hands may hurt the ones who love you the most.”

– Director Berit Madsen