Scope of Materials

The Institute Archives covers the span of Institute history as well as the work of its supported artists. The Archives documents the Artist Development Programs, Sundance Film Festival, and Institute activities by collecting administrative and early Institute records, program and artist printed materials, press coverage, and publications. The Institute Archives collects the materials outlined in the scope and reassesses its pursuit of artist-produced records, outside of the scope, that further its mission and vision.

Audio-visual Materials

We have a collection of videotapes, audiotapes, and other multimedia documents related to Sundance Institute history, including recordings of panel discussions as well as footage of the Festival and Labs.

Manuscript and Report Collections

We collect the papers of our Creative Advisors, supported artists, and former staff as well as Board of Trustees and operational reports.

Oral Histories and Video Interviews

The Meet the Artists Series, video interviews of Festival filmmakers which began in 2004; Documentary Film Program interviews of supported filmmakers started in 2006; and Sundance Collection at UCLA filmmaker interviews began in 2001. Holdings also include a variety of interviews with filmmakers, composers, and theatre artists captured during their Lab experiences. At present, very few of our interviews have been transcribed.

Photographic Material

Since 1980, Sundance Institute has worked with many photographers to document the Film Festivals, Labs, and other activities. The Archives maintains some of the original negatives, slides, and photographs from the past 30 years of Institute history. An official provider relationship with WireImage/Getty Images began in 2003 and has provided a tremendous amount of photography coverage for the Film Festival; however, the Archives does not retain the original photographs or copyright. To date, thousands of images have yet to be digitized. We continue to work towards the long-term goal to provide broad online access to all of the images in the Archives.

As part of the materials collected from Festival filmmakers, we have amassed more than 20 years of film stills. While we do not own copyright or maintain the original negatives, we do maintain the slides, photographs, and born-digital files provided to us for publication purposes.

Printed Material

We have two collections of printed materials in the Archives: Sundance Institute and non-Sundance Institute. Sundance Institute printed materials include publications such as Festival Catalogs, Lab booklets, and press releases, as well as Festival, Lab, and Institute ephemera such as posters, postcards, maps, flyers, guides, brochures, and more that were either created by or for Sundance Institute. Non-Sundance Institute printed materials are comprised of creative works, publications, and ephemera collected from artists supported by the Institute, including press kits, scripts, and posters. Non-Sundance publications also include press clippings and articles that document the Festival, Labs, and/or Institute.