Archives FAQ

How do I find out what’s in your archives?
You can search our Online Archives or email us at

I saw a great film at the Festival or on the Sundance Channel.  How can I access it?  Do you have a copy?
Our Archives does not house actual film prints and has a very limited number of DVD screeners available only to Institute fellows and staff.  Not all films screened by the Sundance Channel are Sundance Institute related and our archives is not associated with the Channel.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, you may be able to view a select number of tape and DVD screeners of Institute related films from the Sundance Collection at the UCLA Film and Television Archives.  The Sundance Collection is not a lending library.  Tapes and DVDs are available for on-site viewing only and cannot be duplicated or checked out.

I’m working on a documentary and would like to use stock footage. Do you have any, and can I use it?
Yes.  Stock footage is available.  You will need to complete our request form and licensing agreement.  Fees are charged for this service.  Please see our fee schedule.

I’m doing research and read about a panel discussion from a few years ago, can I see it?
Yes.  Most of our panels are available for research purposes, though many are not digitized.  A duplication fee may be required.  If you’d like to use the footage in a film or for broadcast purposes, you will need to complete our request form and you must receive written permission from all panelists prior to any duplication of footage.

Can I check out items from the Sundance Institute Archives?
No. Materials from the Sundance Institute Archives cannot be checked out. Xerox copies can be made of most materials for research purposes.  In certain cases, written permission from the copyright holder may be required prior to duplication.

I’m publishing a book, can I reproduce one of your photos and film stills.
The Sundance Institute Archives does not own the reproduction rights to any of its film stills and photography is limited. The Archives can duplicate photographs and film stills for private research use within the parameters of the Fair Use clause of the U.S. Copyright Act.  Fees are charged for this service, please see our fee schedule. Unless prior arrangements have been confirmed, it is up to the researcher to clear use rights with the original copyright holders.

Can you help me find out information about a film or play from the Festival or Sundance Institute Labs, i.e. if it’s available, where I can see it, who was in it?
Yes.  Please email with your questions.

Do you have any volunteer or intern opportunities at the Sundance Institute Archives?
The Sundance Institute works closely with volunteers and the Archives depends greatly on the time of both volunteers and interns.  Both have helped collect and maintain information for the collection.  If you have an interest in working in the Archives, please search our internship opportunities or email the volunteer department at  for further information.

I have a film print and related materials that I would like to donate to the Archives.  Do you take donations?
The Archives only collects and maintains materials related to the Sundance Institute artist development programs and Sundance Film Festival.  If you were supported by the Sundance Institute and would like to donate your film print to the Sundance Collection at UCLA, please find further information here or contact John Nein, John_Nein@Sundance.orgThough space is currently very limited, please email if you would like to donate materials related to the process of making your film or play.