California Office

Sundance Institute
5900 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: 310-360-1981
Fax: 310-360-1969

Utah Office

Sundance Institute
1825 Three Kings Dr.
Park City, UT 84060
Tel: 435-658-3456
Fax: 435-658-3457

Utah Mailing Address

P.O. Box 684429
Park City, UT 84068

New York Office

Sundance Institute
180 Varick Street, Suite 1330
New York, New York 10014
Tel: 310-360-1981


Robert Redford - President
Keri Putnam - Executive Director
Laurie Hopkins - Co-Managing Director, Administration
Sarah Pearce - Co-Managing Director, Operations & Utah Community Relations

Documentary Film Program

Tabitha Jackson - Director, Documentary Film Program & Fund
Rahdi Taylor - Film Fund Director, Documentary Film Program
Richard Ray Perez - Producer, Creative Partnerships, Documentary Film Program
Kristin Feeley - Labs and Artist Support Director, Documentary Film Program
Hajnal Molnar-Szakacs - Film Fund Coordinator, Documentary Film Program
Velissa Robinson - Film Fund Coordinator, Documentary Film Program
Bruni Burres - Senior Consultant, Documentary Film Program
Wendy Levy - Senior Consultant, Documentary Film Program
John Cardellino - Labs and Artist Support Coordinator, Documentary Film Program
Maria Clement - Assistant, Documentary Film Program

Feature Film Program

Michelle Satter - Director, Feature Film Program
Ilyse McKimmie - Labs Director, Feature Film Program
Paul Federbush - International Director, Feature Film Program
Anne Lai - Creative Producing Initiatives Director, Feature Film Program
Cristen Aery - Coordinator, Feature Film Program
Matthew Takata - Manager, Feature Film Program, International
Rachel Chanoff - Feature Film Program Consultant
Kamal Sinclair- Co-Director, New Frontier (Lab Programs)
Ruthie Doyle - Coordinator, New Frontier
Rebecca Windsor - Manager, Creative Producing Initiatives
Shira Rockowitz - Manager, Feature Film Program
Jennifer Goyne Blake - Senior Manager, Episodic Story Lab

Film Music Program

Peter Golub - Director, Film Music Program
Jarom Rowland - Manager, Film Music Program

Utah Community

Kara Cody - Senior Manager, Utah Community Programs

Film Forward

Meredith Lavitt - Director, Film Forward Initiative
Jacqueline Carlson - Manager, Film Forward Initiative
Bethany Clarke - Manager, Film Forward Initiative
June Kim - Coordinator, Women's Initiative & Catalyst Weekend

Native American and Indigenous Program

N. Bird Runningwater - Director, Native American and Indigenous Program
Maya Solis - Assistant, Native American and Indigenous Program
Moira Griffin - Manager, Diversity Initiative

Sundance Film Festival

John Cooper - Director, Sundance Film Festival
Trevor Groth - Director of Programming, Sundance Film Festival
David Courier - Senior Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Shari Frilot - Senior Programmer Sundance Film Festival & New Frontier at Sundance
Caroline Libresco - Director, Special Projects and Senior Programmer
John Nein - Senior Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Mike Plante - Senior Programmer, Short Film
Kim Yutani - Senior Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Charlie Reff - Senior Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Rosie Wong - Associate Director, Industry and Alumni Relations
Kate Schlauch - Manager, Sundance Industry Office
Adam Montgomery - Senior Manager, Programming Department
Heidi Zwicker - Associate Programmer, International Film & Collection Manager
Hussain Currimbhoy - Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Toby Brooks - Assistant to the Director, Sundance Film Festival and Coordinator for Public Programming
Rebecca Katz - Assistant to the Director of Programming
Tina Graham - Associate Director of Operations, Sundance Film Festival
Meredith Potter - Manager, Festival Operations
Linda Pfafflin - Associate Director, Ticketing & Customer Service
David Sabour - Manager, Ticketing Systems
Heidi Bruce - Manager, Ticketing Operations
McKenzie Coulson - Senior Manager, Accommodations & Transportation
Jacqueline Landry - Senior Manager, Theatre Operations
Sarah Simonds - Manager, Theatre Operations
John Stevenson - Senior Manager, Production
Kirsten Chalker - Senior Manager, Film Office
Melissa Bowers - Manager, Volunteer Program
Allison Bowman - Manager, Festival Logistics
Jacqueline Miller - Manager, Database Operations
Leah Langan - Coordinator, Operations & Utah Advisory Board

Theatre Program

Philip Himberg - Artistic Director, Theatre Program
Christopher Hibma - Producing Director, Theatre Program
Deborah Asiimwe - Specialist, Sundance East Africa
Ignacia Delgado - Manager, Theatre Program
Tommy Fitzgerald - Assistant, Theatre Program

External Relations

Jennifer Arceneaux - Director, External Relations
Josie McGuinn - Assistant Director, Events
Meredith Wicks - Manager, Events
Camellia Rowland - Manager, Festival Events
Christine Benjamin - Assistant to Director, External Relations

Individual Giving

Amy Drizhal - Director, Individual Giving
Laura Shumate - Assistant Director, Individual Giving
Matthew Hemsley - Assistant Director, Individual Giving
Emily Eichhorn-Nye - Membership Coordinator
Elizabeth O'Malley - Manager, Individual Giving
Darien Turner - Development Analyst 

Corporate Development

Katie Kennedy - Director, Corporate Development
Robert Dick - Associate Director, Corporate Development
Stephanie Terifay Bediee - Assistant Director, Corporate Development
Christina Martin - Senior Manager, Corporate Development
Jason Storbeck - Coordinator, Corporate Development

Foundation Giving

Elizabeth Greenway - Director, Foundation and Government Giving
Andrew Eastwick - Grants Manager
Lisa Baker - Coordinator, Foundation & Government Giving

Marketing and Creative Services

Jessica Buzzard - Director, Marketing
Jess Kantor - Associate Director, Marketing
Angela Long, Senior Manager, Marketing
Nate von Zumwalt - Editorial Manager
Luis Silva - Content Coordinator
Siobhan Doheny - Marketing Coordinator
Tanya De Angelis - Associate Director, Archives Collection
Andrew Rabkin - Assistant Archivist
Michelle Matthews - Senior Graphic Designer
Megan Lynch - Graphic Designer
Jared Hurst - Web Specialist
Kirby Yardley - Web Coordinator

Media Relations

Sarah Eaton - Director, Media Relations
Casey De La Rosa - Associate Director, Media Relations
Elizabeth Latenser - Manager, Media Relations
Emel Shaikh - Coordinator, Media Relations

Administration and Operations

Executive Director's Office

Michelle Skinner - Manager, Board Relations and Executive Director's Office
Marie Nguyen - Coordinator, Executive Director’s Office

Managing Director's Office

Morgan Everett - Coordinator, Administration

Reception and Office Administration

Todd Croak-Falen
Mary Mittler
Desiree Nash
Michael Driscoll

Lab Operations

Eva Rinaldi - Director, Program Operations
Jen Barnett - Manager, Program Operations
Jenny Stamenson - Manager, Lab Operations

Digital Initiatives

Joseph Beyer - Director, Digital Initiatives
Chris Horton - Director, #ArtistServices: Creative Distribution
Missy Laney - Coordinator, #ArtistServices

Human Resources

Bethany Adamek - Assistant Director, Human Resources
Carolina Perez - Senior Manager, Human Resources
Dani Baum - Employment Manager
Ashley Castro - Coordinator, Human Resources


Brooke McAffee - Chief Financial Officer
Michelle Anderson - Director, Accounting
Ligita Henry - Assistant Controller
Alexis Jallad - Associate Director of Budget
Joni Aoki - Budget Analyst
Ryan Hamilton - Accounting Manager
Penelope Sullivan - Coordinator, Accounting
Katrina Fiebig - Manager, Merchandise Program

Technology Services

David Ginsberg - Chief Technology Officer
Justin Simmons - Associate Director, Systems & Network Administration
Holden Payne - Director, Technical Exhibition and Production
Rebecca Gaster - Senior Systems Administrator
Paul Tarmina - Project Manager, Web and Database Development
John Jennings - Senior Web and Database Developer
Chris Zulliger - Database Analyst
Jessica Hobbs - Coordinator, Technology Services
Jason Del Rio - Manager, Helpdesk
Nate Pennington - Coordinator, Helpdesk
Brandon Lake - Coordinator, Helpdesk
Sean Berrett - Coordinator, Helpdesk
Frank Cautela - Coordinator, Helpdesk